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Types of Medical Excuses & Printable Doctor's Excuse Notes!

When it comes to using fake doctors notes, the biggest challenge is choosing a proper medical excuse. The excuse must be realistic and practical. It must also promote empathy. Perhaps most importantly, it must not be inconsistent or redundant with past behaviors and excuses. With that in mind, let us examine six of the most effective medical explanations for fake doctors excuses.  Still unsure?  Visit for a dr. note instant download.  Also visit

The Different Varieties of Medical Excuses & Fake Doctors Notes!

1. Severe Diarrhea

For many of us, severe diarrhea is uncomfortable and embarrassing just to think about, and that’s what makes it such an effective excuse for a fake doctors note. Your brutal honesty will humanize you and inspire empathy, and that will lead to much less scrutiny of your doctor's excuse.

2. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an excellent doctors excuse because nearly every adult has had to deal with this issue at one point or another. In other words, we’ve all been there done that, and we feel your pain. Most employers may not even require a doctors note for a bout of food poisoning.

3. Emergency Room Visit

An emergency room visit is a superb excuse because it is very common and familiar. Another reason why an emergency room visit is a great choice for doctors notes is that the notes are difficult to confirm. Emergency rooms are chaotic and use rotating schedules, which means a lot of work for your employer.

4. Back Pain

Back pain is another very common ailment, and the “nice” thing about bank pain is that it can be very difficult to confirm. Back pain also comes and goes, so if you have a believable excuse, you can use it as needed, with moderation.

5. Migraines

For most people with migraines, it is an ongoing battle. Like back pain, this can be a built-in excuse that may not even require a doctor's note. Of course, you shouldn’t abuse it, because at some point, the employer is going to expect you to work through the pain.

6. Veterinarian

If your boss is an animal lover, then an emergency trip to the veterinarian can be a great excuse that doesn’t reflect on your personal injury. Perhaps your dog swallowed something it shouldn’t have, and the vet had to perform an emergency procedure to remove it.


When choosing an excuse to use at work, don’t feel locked into medical excuses. The veterinarian scenario is an example of thinking outside the box. Another example would be the dentist. If you’re willing to use a non-medical excuse, options include jury duty and deaths in the family.